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White Nights Regatta Leg2. 30/06-6/07

White northern nights come only at the beginning of summer, when sunset converges with the morning and twilight lasts all night. This phenomenon is observed in temperate and high latitudes before and beyond the summer solstice.

The land on which there may be white nights, is not less than (in the northern hemisphere - not south) than 6 ° latitude of the polar circle, ie, at latitudes of 60 ° 33 '43 ".

In latitudes above the Arctic Circle white nights are also observed for two - four weeks before the onset of the polar day and after.

In the lower latitudes of the Arctic Circle, where the polar day does not happen, the white nights are observed during the solstice, as well as before and after it for the greater number of nights, the higher latitude areas. As we approach the solstice nights are becoming lighter, reaching a maximum illumination in night solstice.

White Nights observed in Russia, throughout Finland, Iceland, Antarctica, in most parts of Sweden, Norway, Canada, Denmark (Greenland), at a lower part of the territory of Estonia (north), the UK (Orkney and Shetland Islands in Scotland, as well as South Orkney Islands in Antarctica), USA (almost all of Alaska, except for the southern regions), Canada (northern areas).

In St. Petersburg, for example, white nights officially lasts from June 11 to July 2, and have their peaks in June 22, when there is no night. Although in fact the border of the bright nights are much wider. At this time, held a lot of different festivals.

We invite you to join our regatta dedicated to this wonderful natural phenomenon.

White nights on e-regata - race until the morning :)

1467Nany boat10/1BUL
20:10Titi 29Santillianjacobo8

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