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Oranienbaum Maritime Festival & ORANGE RACE

Oranienbaum Maritime FestivalOranienbaum Maritime FestivalOranienbaum Maritime Festival

30-31 August 2014 in Lomonosov, Russia, on the shore of the Gulf of Finland  will be held the IV Oranienbaum Maritime Festival

Oranienbaum Maritime Festival was established in 2011 in honor of the 300th anniversary of Oranienbaum-Lomonosov, as the annual town festival. The aim of the festival is to promote the recreational potential of the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland, to contribute to the development of the yacht tourism and sports in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, as well as to represent Oranienbaum-Lomonosov as a maritime town with a rich historical, cultural and envrionment background.

Annual Oranienbaum Maritime Festival, beloved by local dwellers, yachtsmen and other people who care for the destiny of Lomonosov town, is a great step to the development of Oranienbaum-Lomonosov as a maritime town and centre of yachting and tourism in the Leningrad region.

Traditionally, an «Orange-Race» sailing regatta will be held in the framework of the festival, as well as the competition for young yachtsmen and the aquabike show. Onshore the guests and participants could enjoy the concert of local music and dance groups, workshops given by real marine painters, fun contests and other surprises.

Orange-Race will be held on August 30 at 13 p.m. in the Neva Bay.

To participate in the race can all yacht categories, but the amount of not less than 3 PCs in the same category.

Competitions are held in credit groups:
group 1 - yachts Open-800
group 2 - yachts, with the tonnage certificate ORC.
group 3 - yacht class "L-6";
group 4 - yacht class "cybertonic";
group 5 - the yacht Carter -30;
group 6 - "free class", monohull yachts that are not included in the first five groups.
group 7 - cabin Multihull vessels.
group 8 - inflatable catamarans
group 9 - yachts PLATU class

To register, please fill out the form on the website or

On the territory of Oranienbaum Maritime festival (Sidorovsky channel) in the format of the Boat Show will be exhibited samples of marine equipment: boats, boats, yachts, boat accessories, yacht equipment and other related products. There will be test drives of the new boats. Visitors will be able to see the presentations of environmental organizations dedicated to the year of the Gulf of Finland. Foreign participants of the festival will present for boaters travel opportunities of Finland, they will also demonstrate the layout of the future yachting port near Tallinn. All day on the waterfront planned concert and entertainment program, a summer cafe, amusement, workshops ceramics, interactive areas for children and adults. Every child who came to the festival will be given with flags with symbols of the festival. The best watercolor artists of St. Petersburg will hold master-classes for those who wish to participate in the plein air on the sea-theme. Guests of the festival will become participants of an exciting concert program and much more, provided  by the holiday scenario. The celebration will end with the awards ceremony and with salute, painted in the colors of the festival.

Guests and participants of Oranienbaum Maritime Festival have a possibility to stay in comfortable coastal hotel "Pierhouse" and other hotels of district, situated nearby of place where Festival is spent. Aria of water of Sidorovskii canal has its own repairing base and opportunity of boat's refuelling.

Adress: St. Petersburg, Lomonosov, Ulitsa Ugolnaya, emb. of the Sidorovsky channel

Oranienbaum Maritime festival - 2013 video

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