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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Regatta Leg2

Hi, captains!

This wonderful week we have another  great holiday. Christmas is gone, but his spirit remained with us and we all are waiting for a Happy New Year!
Everyone is looking forward to the coming of the new year, someone is waiting for the magical gifts and another wonderful evening with family, some wait for unforgettable memories, someone wants to make a wish, which inevitably must come true - and all this make upcoming holiday a wonderful one.

Let the coming new year bring you everything you wished, prosperity and peace to the the countries, welfare to the families, and to our sailors we wish a good luck while sailing! Many participants of e-regata are united by a "big water" that you can sail forgetting all worldly problems, and the beautiful vessel that becomes a loyal friend in all the adventures.

Seven feet under the keel and best winds!

Happy New Year!

2Lord of the sea62163/118-
2068La Luna-37515/465AUS
21:23CZE 24pecceréMayumbando8
21:22Ar PempOknitismPetsunder8
21:20Glodomiro1Rosen KavaITA 18488
21:20ITA 14DoUfifi8

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