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Kids For Freedom. Leg I. 09/12-15/12

KIDS FOR FREEDOM project was founded in 2002 by Bernhard Blaha and his son Armin, with the support of his friends and team. K4F is a non-profit yachting initiative for socially disadvantaged children from all over the world, providing them with an education and adventure network, supporting multi-cultural and multi-religious appreciation, widening one’s horizon, mediating sense of responsibility and mutual support.

K4F invites children from poor and problematic families, orphanages, kids in difficult life situations, for a week of sailing together along the beautiful Turkish coast in the Mediterranean. Our flotilla of about 15 sailing yachts sails from bay to bay, dropping the anchor at different places every day. On shore we offer different activities to the kids: we play sports, try out different arts and crafts, having fun together and preparing our closing concert. Apart from learning the basics of sailing, it is beautiful to see that the kids, the attendants and skippers are becoming a crew on each boat within a week. In the end of the all participants consolidate to one big team.

During 10 years of the project about 500 kids from Germany, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia, Jordan, Lebanon, Poland, Romania, Russia and Turkey were sailing with us. We can not help all these kids in all matters, but if the positive remembrance of a week of friendship and fun can alter the life of a child for the better, we can see our mission as complied.

The event is cost-free for all the kids, which is only possible with the support of our sponsors and the work of volunteers.

20:12ПоБЕДlatitud 0Tornado5
20:10First 31.7MedeaIN&OUT3
20:09AltairSupercicciPUNTO G10
20:08CICCI 7ITA720Zanzanu10

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