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Equinox Regatta leg1. 9/03-15/03

There is a little less than 2 weeks remained before the annual tipping point from winter(summer) to spring(autumn): Equinox Day. It's also called Northward equinox (to be precise, there is the spring equinox in March only for the Northern hemisphere, because in the South hemisphere it's the Autumn Equinox). And although the calendar spring(autumn) has arrived, the real spring(autumn) will begin from this moment, when the Sun finally crosses the celestial equator and goes from the Southern hemisphere to the Northern hemisphere.

This year, the Northward equinox will occur on March 20 at 22.45 GMT. The day will become almost equal to night. After the equinox the day begins to lengthen and reaches it's greatest time at the Summer Solstice on June 21 and over again will become shorter than the night on the day of the Southward equinox on September 23 (the dates are valid for 2015 year). All this time the Sun will rise over the horizon a bit northen then East and go to sleap a bit northern then West.

Interestingly, that Earth Day is also celebrated on the day of the Northward equinox, in Russia since ancient times this day was celebrated Maslenitsa (since it transformed to Ortodox holiday it is celebrated on different dates), and Kazakhstan people celebrate the new year spring equinox holiday Navruz. We can also say that all ancient people celebrated this day under different names, but today many traditions have been forgotten.

Well, while we wait for global astronomical changes, on e-regata starts the first stage of the Equinox Regatta in order to honor so important and so usually imperceptible event in the life of our planet Earth.

Have good winds!

21:18TwinsRado 404Ulia8
21:15KaluatomitaketaNew boat 68
21:15VADASOLA1MusonasFUE 078

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