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A Turkish joke.

A Turkish man dies and goes to hell. A satan meets him and takes him to the place where people boil in giant cauldrons. There was a flag of the country to which it belonged. Turk saw the American cauldron while he was going to the Turkish cauldron at the back of satan. At the top of the giant cauldron, Another satan with a spear in his hand, was pushing back those who wanted to get out of the cauldron. After passing the French, Italian and Greek cauldrons, when he came to the Turkish cauldron, the man looked and saw that there was no satan at the top of the cauldron. He asked, why is there no satan with a spear? Satan next to him answered; The other Turks in the cauldron, who want to get out of the cauldron, grab their feet and pull them back to the boiling cauldron!
Great anecdote. Seems like Turks are unfair to each other, yet fair in general. Seriously, aside from our sweet and astute tiff in the forum, you know how respectful I am in my messages, and as you are someone I look up to here, my heart is realy broken of the language you've decided to use in those messages. Anyway, no one benefits from holding a grudge. I think it's time for me to utilize my time more efficiently, I'll try to spend less time here. All the best for you brother...
Last but not least, boynuz kulağı geçer... :) Peace.
Изменено: Safety First - 30.05.2020 13:17:42
A father and son came to the sea.
-Dad, what is it?
"It's the sea, son."
In 5 minutes:
- Dad, what is it?
-Son, this is the sea. You see, water, squish-squish. Sea, son.
In 5 minutes:
-Dad, what is it?
The father can't stand it, takes the baby by the ankles and pokes his head into the water several times: "It's the SEA, the SEA, the SEA !!!!!"
Small, shaking his head: "Dad, what was that?"

Oh, mimil, mimil. :oops:
Изменено: Bee - 07.06.2020 19:50:07
On a meeting in a summer camp.
They bring a boy who spied on girls-counselors in the shower.
In order, like, to tell off him...
Well, the camp director asks the question:
- Liked?
The boy is at a loss, after a pause issues:
- No…
Counselor girls, in one voice:
- NO?!
Загрузка плеера
The sailor asks the captain, the old sea dog:
“Captain, is it true that the shark bit you?”
- True!
- And where to?
- But this is not true!
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