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R18.2b not applied correctly, Jibing at the finish - not proper course, but unfair attempt to draw a penalty
Alright -
I stand corrected.

Though I still say I provided room for 7321 to leave the mark on the required side, and as the leeward, overlapped boat (...and thereafter as the starboard-tack boat) that's all I'm obligated to do. I think that by jibing onto port, 7321 is not sailing within the mark-room to which she was entitled. You seem to be suggesting otherwise...?

To address your other questions, if 7321 is further to her right and her proper course is to jibe onto port to pass the mark on the required side, yes we have a different situation and my obligation to provide room and keep clear may require a different course of action.

Why stay on starboard and run the risk of a penalty near the mark...? It was very close. So much so that I feared a jibe would cost too much, even though the wind was shifting... I was admittedly caught off guard by her jibe at the zone as I'd been concentrating on a course that was as fast as possible and would ultimately provide her just enough room at the mark. I should have been prepared for it...
It was close thats clear, ........being slightly closer to the line and 4° over target course (157 at 11 kts) i would have preferred to bear off and gybe parallel to her outside the zone to avoid difficulties inside the zone.. Without having contact 7321 still needed to avoid the buoy and that would slow her too. But this all is after the race and on waters i still would have a R14 that would negotiate gybing, could have been an interesting protest if she would try to and in RL i think she would have difficulties to convince the committee that gybing was the fastest way to finish. Being 7321 i would have aimed for the buoy and bear off being close to it. So she needed a contact and that is why i called it "bugusing", counting on the engine.

An older version of Case21 would have convinced me to gybe too:

The amount of space that a right-of-way boat obligated to give mark-room to an inside overlapped boat must give at the mark depends on the inside boat’s proper course in the existing conditions.

But i think we still agree that hitting or drawing fouls is unfair and unsportsmanlike.

Generally was there a point i think when u forced the portboat to gybe on to starboard at 4:22 ,when a gybe and move to the pressure side on better angle would have won the fight for place 2 without any contacts. ICEBERG is sailing pretty fast and deep there, close to targetspeed at 12 kts wind, sailing an angle of 163° !

But Scott, thy for a nice topic and possibility to exchange points of view.

Best wind for you next..

@ Jette KYC & BeteNoir I'm sorry but here too many words in a foreign language for me :)
Including a lot of unnecessary, such as "proper course", "cross the line to win the race", "fastest way to finish", "older version of Case" ...

In my opinion, that's quite enough: "I provided room for 7321 to leave the mark on the required side."
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R18 race 388 gatemark

this engine has no idea of sailing to the mark, room to round the mark, sailing past the mark......why discuss rules when those courses and penalties get allowed and nonsailors like this kyaisego learn nothing but breaking rules, even when getting room to round first?
I'll post here what I managed to learn about ER Rules from the developers.

They told me that first they will release new game client (so called commercial version) and only after that our main developer Dmitry Robustov will begin to work on the implemented rules, which are working improperly (like 18.2).

I will keep an eye on them how they'll keep this promise.

Although the date of release is unknown for this moment, I'll inform you when there will be some certainty.
e-regata Development Team
Media crew
I respectfully inquire why I would spend money on a new version of the game that still has these problems...?
I submit that the best way to demonstrate to us (the players who are most keenly interested) that the new version will be worth purchasing is by fixing the issues in this version...
+1, Scott !

That s just fundamental points of view so I dont await anything and so Easter will also pass and then we are on old track going for next
Xmas . Btw the argument "lack of time" lost every relevance or never had it!

developers were not able to release a big update by the Christmas (because of lack of time), so the date of release moves to the end of January or even to a Spring months.

By the end of the year there is always more work, every company tries to complete all projects before 1 january. And after that we have 11 holiday days.
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Happy Easter holidays then!

p.s. : much time till spring ends 19th of june!
BeteNoir, it's a good question. Аnd you're absolutely right.
But only one man from developers team can manage rules and all mathematical models in the game client are set by him. And he answers that has not opportunity now to work on the rules.
Works under the new game client are on the final stage, but they still can't say for sure when it would be finished. Partisans...

The only calming circumstance is that you will play for free a whole year after the release.
e-regata Development Team
Media crew
Programmers/editors and now changing regattas fiels.Used to be like that. And just left formula one, even bring the 100 regattas.
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