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R15 Acquiring right way - how long?
How long after acquiring right of way shall the boat give the other boat room to keep clear?
Изменено: titfortat - 15.03.2015 20:40:14

When you sail (try in training mode) push the "S" key and you will see some value. You can change the value in the training and see what happens.

I hope that it will help you.

.....should be 0.8 secs timeout R15 and 0.5 secs timeout R16.

that are just numbers, while tacking R15 switches when being back on chc and not while passing htw, so you will have the feeling of a longer time to stay free initially.
The spirit of the rule 15 is completely missed in e-regata. I suggest that the boat that becomes right of way at the moment that she becomes right of way shall start switch color from green to blinking orange and only after a certain time she can get brown.
After a tack to starboard e-regata does not take into account the rule 15.
The other boat on port is obliged to take an action only after the tack is completed and by no rule is obliged to anticipate avoiding manouvres.
This is a big problem in e-regata
In my Mac OS X the key S does not produce any effect, no information available.

I fully agree that RR15, and also RR16, is completely misinterpreted in e-regata. In another topic I suggested that the boat turns to a yellow color when they acquire the right of way. During this time the give of way boat shall do her best to keep clear and if, even doing her best, she is unable to keep clear it should not be penalized.
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