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Rule 17 and pc
Race 6404

Approaching the gate Bee being overlapped to windward changes his course while gero is fetching mark on his pc, Bee is bearing of and luffing back and her swinging back touches geros hull. Bee is not row boat as being to windward and needs to keep clear and should there be doubts about a proper course too forced to keep clear. As Bee is creating the contact by changing courses down and up, Bee is to penelize and not gero.
Where is your proper course here dear gero?
Wind and drift putting me to leeward i have to aim slightly over mark, that is what I do sailing races, when I want to sail close to the mark. a simulator should know that and i think I read drift got implemented. If you had doubts about a proper course you would have to keep clear being windwardboat.
There is a R17 but that doesnt make the windward to a rowboat, you are still forced to keep clear, Keep clear means the rowboat is able to change course into both directions or to be not forced to alter course. The contact was created by your little bearing off and going back and the swinging back of your boat.
You had a good possibility to reach zone first being inside and then I would have to react. But as long as we are outside the rowboat does not need to react to what the keepclearboat does, but the other way round. So you had no rights to create the contact in that way.

Definitions ISAF

Keep Clear

A boat keeps clear of a right-of-way boat
(a) if the right-of-way boat can sail her course with no need to take avoiding action and,
(b) when the boats are overlapped, if the right-of-way boat can also change course in both directions without immediately making contact .
When, owing to a difference of opinion about a leeward boat’s proper course, two boats on the same tack converge, the windward boat must keep clear.
Two boats on the same leg sailing near one another may have different proper courses.

A right-of-way boat need not act to avoid a collision .............

........nevermind e-regata states different and it s just an example to show possibilities for a better rules setup. I hope you will not take that "protest" personally. I know you are a good sailor and i know how sailors start to trick around in regattas.

and last it was a nice race and close good finish for the podium!


a man is up in court for killing his mother and father ... he pleads to the court for leniency ... because he is an orphan ... now :D
Изменено: Bee - 12.10.2014 00:33:09
hm, i hope I need not understand that!
gero wrote:
Race 6404
Could you please post a link to race results page next time. Not just race number and not a link to race track. That is a wish for the future. It is rather difficult to find a track this race now as the the new regatta is opened and e-regata site doesn't keep links to races from finished regattas. Need to dig for this race in database now.
Изменено: Alexey Semenyuk - 13.10.2014 21:07:46
e-regata Development Team
It is rather difficult to find a track ...........jep needed 12 seconds to copy the link.

Thank you for the link.

The case of application of rule 17 seems odd. Added a record to the issue tracker.
Изменено: Alexey Semenyuk - 13.10.2014 22:12:24
e-regata Development Team
thx and yw Alexey
Rule 17, do not work well in this game. Who determines proper course? a machine?. In base of what? Where are posted the buoys?. Where is the best wind?....Please eliminate it if you don't know how to apply!!!.

Examples?, You have some where is applied.
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