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Rule 17 and pc
Pressing s-key you can see the RE-settings and will find settings for proper down and upwind. They are fixed to wind-angles and will not change due to your relative positions of boat and mark or line. Would be nice, but isn t. Red green indicator lines show them sometimes, not allways.

Downwind 140°
Upwind VMG - 6,5
It should be more useful that rule 17 were not applied before bad applied. Clearly, is not working well in this game. I got penalized by this rule when I was in leeward. I can keep my course because I am in proper course.

29er should keep clear of kowabunga and Amnezia from 29er.

Rule 11 not applied. Rule 14 not applied. Rule 17 bad applied,

If this rule is to try to fight against "pirates" as some mention, do it right. I prefer to sail against those and have fun avoiding them that get unfairly penalized.

I got penalized by this rule when I was in leeward.
When else would it be possible to get penalized by that rule 17?

132° is 8° above downwind proper course and establishing overlap from astern it s quite correct , allthough it just works at contact and not already within two of her hull-length. That s the difference.The sector between red and green lines show your "proper" room to act in.

Why is R11 not implemented? It is.

As this is a simulator no damage, no injuries, so no R14.

Sorry Jette, I don't understand your first sentence.

No R11: A boat keeps clear of a right-of-way boat
(a) if the right-of-way boat can sail her course with no need to take avoiding action and,
(b) when the boats are overlapped, if the right-of-way boat can also change course in both directions without immediately making contact.

Degrees? Do the R17 explain something about degrees. 140º? So in the next case resaca4 is 20º less of his "proper course". Why not 17 applied? What happens in close-hauled course?

About rule 14 good joke, I got another ISAF Rules not applied, they are no boats, are drawing.

Please, some developer could explain this two cases. Where can I find how to follow a proper course?
Hi Kowabunga,
srry I am just another user no developer, they are busy improving the simulator, but I made same experiences starting here.

It may be harder than one would think at the beginn of doing some e-regata races, as it will have been for most "sailors" here. But this is a simulator and not sailing like on real waters, the simulator tries to make Rules work close to ISAF rules, but that is not possible to 100%.
There is a page where you can read about the Race Rules Interpretation at e-regata.

Going there you can see which Rules exist, some are missing, some are additional. The simulator needs to state a contact between boats to decide which rule is broken, so some Rules work a bit different than on waters. If you know R17 ISAF , you know there are the words "within two of her hull-length", but the simulator will not judge before there is contact.

The Race-engine gets some settings, one of these is that a proper downwindcourse is 140° TWA and Upwind VMG - 6.5, you can see your twa in your screen and there are red green indicators to show the sector you may sail in. The simulator defines proper courses by angels, reality is different. VMG -6.5 may be more difficult, you got a Polardiagramm of your jib and being able to read polars you may be able to get your proper upwind angle.

If you want to see the Race-engine settings go to TRAINER and press S, an opening window shows you some variables that need or have settings.

You found the forums and that is good, as not all will read and follow these pages.
The possibility to discuss infractions shall help the developers to see if they can improve something, to see where users are not "satiesfied" and where are bugs ( every complex running system produces and has bugs) and helps to understand the problems of the Race-engine. Too you can see that it is possible to have different opinions in Rules and Cases. e-regata has no protest procedure, the race-engine has to judge in time. A lot of rules will only be possible with a protest-committee and sailors that know the rules, like 19,20, you will miss them here too. The existence of racecommittees, Umpires and Judges in on water sailing may help to understand that boats may have contact while doing a regatta. Rule 14 is a very special one and to decide if a boat breaks R14 takes time and often some discussions. Exoneration of R14 is based on injury and damage , so that was no joke. The possibilty to Appeals in real may help to understand too that Decisions are not always objectively.

Time will help you to get warm with the uniques of the e-regata- simulator, give yourself that time and you can have a lot of fun here.

Your second example is a hard one as resaca4 was entering markroom clear ahead, still in it on contact and sailing a strange course, that sure is a lot above being proper. There could be a longer discussion about that or just stating a misjudging,....... it wont help. You took the gap at mark, but on own risk!
Thinking of overlaps please be aware that the bowsprit for the downwindsail is not counted when the sail is up, just the hull..... and not the total equipment, rudder is excluded too. Sometimes you will notice the sternindicator. Maybe you recognized the different colors of boats when you are near them and the red course-indicator, while changing course. This all will help you to get to better results soon, so have fun and dont get to angry!

p.s.: My first sentence just said, that you always will be to leeward getting penalized by R17.

Have wind Jette
Thanks Jette for your detailed explanation. I miss so from developers. I didn´t know about those degrees for proper course, because it is not clarified officially. Rules should be applied in any circumstances, not depending in which position of the map boats are placed. I had finished some races trying to take advantage of wind shadow and boat in leeward trying to get a hit above of those 140º degrees, and in no case R17 was applied, Estrange way of rules implementation. But i suppose there would be much more bugs, and I shall found them by the time I play.

Far from being angry, just trying to understand how rules are applied, because some explanations are missed, like "S" key. It would be hard, as you said:
The simulator defines proper courses by angels, reality is different.
Kowabunga wrote:
Far from being angry, just trying to understand how rules are applied...
Come on!!! :!:
Oh oh,
if angels worked here it might have been more heavenly,,,,,,,,,,naturally i ment angles!

M-1, just a game, soooooo far from angry. :)

Still R17 with settings that are .......

Jenny bearing off and sailing then a converging course with StellaMaris creates contact, but some however-settings produce a R17.

a) like always windward has to keep clear, doesn't and breaks R11.
b) StellaMaris is row but limited to a proper course, not changing course and sailing on a proper course.
c) When, owing to a difference of opinion about a leeward boat’s proper course, two boats on the same tack converge, the windward boat
must keep clear. So there has to be a value that is not "true", whatever that should mean. Course to mark is nonsense, so that courses to Offsetmark are not correct valued in stating proper or not.
d) taking a correct three-boatlength-circle fleetrace-markroom Jenny will be breaking R18 too having no rights to bear off there.

So what is not correct on such a course?

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