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Race 16.1
I'm not agree with this race in the game. When i take a penality, it's often this i'll take. I try to avoid other boats who havn't the priority and i have rule 16.1. I think it may be change.
Other things, sometimes i do my penality but nothing happen and i have angain the penality to do. Please find a solution.
J'ai remarqué aussi que cela se passait souvent quand on était vent portant. Une solution: hisser le foc pendant le virement de bord et remettre le spi dès que le vent redevient portant avec un 360°. Normalement ça fonctionne. ;)
Изменено: mimil88 - 08.12.2016 22:35:21
The lack of 16.1 in the rules of this game make it unbearable to play.
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