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DSQ, solapa
He heard your advice Sefa, he launches 2 ghost boats ...
I know it's provocation, it makes me laugh a lot but it's mostly an insult to all the honest players here.
Изменено: Pascal - 05.01.2018 17:02:38

i love candide tovex double back flip is inspire me

Dragon i can stop trolling him on forum if your wish; but for cheating in regatta i am not a magician.sorry nothing i can do.

All the best
Изменено: Indy - 05.01.2018 17:44:48 (i will not answer to 88 fake master)
pascal said; I stopped the tactics of the boats observers since 2 years

so you admit to have destroying Indy records with your tactics also create topics where your claim to have new records('moderate since your cheat was detected by athena)and never apologized me for that

and of course your apologized dragon for what you done to him.

A pleasure to run with you isn t it?

A nice friend isn t he?

do you will do that to your friend Gre9
Изменено: Indy - 05.01.2018 18:57:19
I know that you used many boats at the time, nothing proves that your "record" was honest, I did not look at the details of your races at that time, but knowing your level of sincerity now I have doubts :|

Изменено: Pascal - 05.01.2018 20:11:29
i bet you will answering that

indy is the best (1, 2, 3)

i am sure you allready checked it

watching other is your favorite sport isn t it ?
Изменено: Indy - 05.01.2018 20:30:13 (corection:bad faith is your favorites sport)
Yacht "kute"
Rating:2442.7Last activity:2018-01-07 10:37:49
Regatta "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Regatta. Leg 2. 01/01 - 07/12"
Passed7.8 Days
Races with "ghost boats
Race6450 selfish(ex cuconuto)
Race6623 cuervo
Race6709 cuervo
Изменено: Pascal - 07.01.2018 23:17:07
Yacht "kute"
Rating: 2604.6 Last activity: 2018-01-09 13:00:24
Position: 4 Races 10825
Country: SAM Regattas 139
Number: 0
Regatta "Far Away Regatta. Leg 1. 08/01 - 14/01"
Points: 594
Rank: 4
Races 44/85
Passed 7.7 Days

Cheating races of kute
ex northsea(ex kuto, leo...) with ghost boats kolo selfish arruga. (ex sorro cuconuto solo )clic to see new names.

43 ghost boats/85 races

Race1353 cuerno
Race1365 cuerno (temo)(kolo)

Изменено: Pascal - 14.01.2018 20:47:55
The weeks follow each other and are similar. The champion continues to cheat but does not improve, I even feel that he plays less and less well in view of his results..

"meltemi" at the begining of the week ("kute", "ciervo" before) he is now usain
(I don't think he ask to Usain Bolt to take his name and nationality!!! ;) )

Races with "ghost boats"

Race511 arruga

What is incredible is that he is able to write such lies!
Anchois bagart

27.12.2017 04:55:17

ps; i am not top 10 i just play sometimes when i can and if its possible against good

Race3129 selfish is sometimes destroy the race of casp at start...

New nickname: navarro
Изменено: Pascal - 18.01.2018 17:34:09
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