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Rules 98, 17, 18.c+ - any plans?
Hello. Are there any plans for upgrading the rule engine of this game?

I don't understand why sometimes rules 17 and 98 are enforced, and sometimes they aren't.

Are there currently any 'beta tesing races' with tweaked rules?

For example, in race I made my first downwind mark, then I heard bell, but later I got rule 10 violation for colliding with starboard-tacker on the previous leg.

Later in this race Rus64 got rule 17 violation for hitting me fr om my leeward. His course was really not to the mark, but there was Nik abaft him and he should keep clear of him. And I remember races with bigger angles off the course wh ere situation resulted in 11.

I sometimes find myself frustrated from virtual racing with rules significantly different from the real world rules.

BTW, are there any official "numeric" interpretations of rules such as 17?
Hello allter ;
Si tu veux courir avec les règles de l' ISAF, tu n'es pas au bon endroit!

Hello Allter; If you want to run with the rules of ISAF, you are not in the right place!
Изменено: ELIOTLUCAS-2 - 22.02.2019 01:55:40
Oui. I see.

One more example. I've got penalty by rule 17 while I was heading directly toward the lower mark:
Hi allter -

Yes - the rules engine has never quite got this right...

In real life, it would be an easy thing to convince a protest committee that a valid proper course could possibly be directly at the mark, or even a few degrees above it, or even the boat's fastest point of sail.
The rules engine however, only accounts for the current wind direction and what would be the best possible velocity-made-good downwind.
This is one of e-Regata's quirks. The red & green lines that appear when you establish an overlap from astern are your guide. Sometimes it's a boon, and sometimes a curse (as in your case...) :)
Изменено: lord - 19.04.2019 18:31:34

Et bien sûr, la règle 16.1 ne s'applique pas !!!!! Parions qu' en inversant les rôles, c'est ELIOTLUCAS qui prend la pénalité !!!!!!
Изменено: ELIOTLUCAS-2 - 27.01.2020 12:44:20
Quand en aura-t-on terminé avec la mascarade de la règle 18.2 ?

When will we be done with the masquerade of rule 18.2?

Ex: Race5025
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