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Different views on racing style
  1. In the simulator:
      I like to race exactly as it happens in reality - 4 (67%)
      I like to have some freedom and do the things which are prohibited in a real life - 2 (33%)
There were expressed two views on style of racing in e-regata here . Lets vote for them.

Your views are welcome here too.
Just one question Bee: are you really Ukrainian?
Yes I am (but ethnical Russian).
OK good luck...
Now I understand better why humanity spends his time making war, whether it's for a game or a steak ...
too bad... :\
There is only one way I know... If you fight you loose, if you race nicely you have a chance to win at least.
I agree with Dragon !
I agree whith you Dragon, too much players here think that's it's a war game or a battleship, they often do not earn fortunately.
In reality regattas quarrel among gentlemens, I had the chance last year to race with real crews the Transat Jacques Vabre in Le Havre, there was no penalty on that day with 8 boats by regatta, it was a pleasure.

Look at this race, except 2 players it was a real pleasure!
Изменено: mimil 88 - 23.07.2014 11:05:23
It may even make gifts to other skippers gentlemens... :D
Look at the end of this race... ;)
it's better when it's clean!!!
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