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Miracle Races for records, only impossible first finishes please
During my regatta history I had many impossible first finishes, I have decided to share miracle ones here and of course please share your Miracle Races here too..

Best winds and Good Luck all

here it is


Wind for you Pascal and Sefa,
my unsuspected finish.........or blind henn finds a corn!

5 seconds to decide a race, Scott (BeteNoir) might have been surprised being a bit late at startline

but then could see this

and the only thing to do was a "homerun"! Grtz ,Scott!
Some blade running
Изменено: Bee - 07.10.2014 23:30:20
..... :| ! Guess katana would like R18.3 ..,but sure a nice surprise for that not-mark-fetching porthunter (1848)!
run Bee run.. :)
(meaning of this topic is start last with pre start penalty and finish first.)
Jette wrote:
katana would like R18.3
Agree with you Jette. But there is no 18.3 (as many other nuances) in e-regata.
So I still stand that the sim is not a copy of the reality.
The main thing, as m-1 mentioned, - it is impossible to implement the principles of "the realistic ISAF sailing" without working protest committee.
And it is good I think. We may release our adrenaline here without real harm to our opponents and their assets. Of course there should be conscious measures.

Dragon wrote:
run Bee run...
Thank you Dragon.
I read "only impossible first finishes please" as literal.

PS There is some trick. The developers called the sim "ё-регата" ;) in Russian (but not "е-регата") unlike English "e-regata".
And "ё-" prefix sounds some ambiguous instead of "e-" (as electronic).
In Russian it can allude to some more or less strong idioms.
Изменено: Bee - 08.10.2014 11:02:39
Triple finish in 0,3 sec:
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