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1 Year e-regatta
1 year after the first complete regatta ,its a good time to make a break

special thanks to

LaGatta (the most integraded player,the MVP of e-regatta)

Dragon (No1 in downwinds and the brain of the game,
if we all played like him, the game would be much better)

REAL 1047 (the fastest of all without a doubt, the heart buzzes quickly when it's behind you)

Stipecoach (true sailor athlete, also broke me to making the 2700 in the rating,real enjoyment the races with him)

RClaser27 (the average is winning ,if there was a rating from the beginning of the game, surely it would be first)

ELLIOTLUCAS (The flag of e-regatta ,even the weather makes left in first leg,he does not lose either the god :D )

ge614 (always fighter and stable , reminds me of his style and his militancy,a favorite player for me CapDeBos)

but special thx to Arthur (after destroyed me infinite races,last week,i was behind him in the finish
he stopped ,horned me and let me pass ,i think integrally as a player after that :D :D :D )

surely there are many sailors, and can not write about everyone (windwillow ,BRA48 etc)

P.S rather i will finished this regatta and then i will make some races with my second boat A-GRE_9,to keep my form

thanks to all guys.
See you soon champion ;)
It is very very pleasure to have you here.
My respect to you, GRE 9.
Ditto respect GRE-9 and nice words for me (I think!) Thank you!
Bonjour GRE9. C'est sûrement dû à la traduction, mais je ne comprends pas très bien ce que vous dites pour moi; mais comme je pense que c'est gentil, je vous en remercie. Par contre, vous m'avez profondément déçu samedi matin (19/05/201) car j'aime beaucoup régater avec de vrais champions, même si ils sont plus forts que moi, ce qui est souvent le cas; en effet, j'ai essayé de régater 5 fois avec vous, et 4 fois vous avez réussi à vous retirer au dernier moment !!!! Est ce parce que j'ai gagné vendredi soir la seule course que nous avons faite ensemble par peur de perdre ???? Ce serait stupide de votre part, ou pour me laisser une chance de plus de gagner, ce qui serait gentil mais tout autant stupide. Quoi qu'il en soit, j'ai toujours plaisir à affronter de grands champions comme vous; cela me fait progresser. Bon vent à vous.


Hello GRE9. It's probably due to the translation, but I do not quite understand what you're saying to me; but as I think it's nice, I thank you for it. By cons, you deeply disappointed me on Saturday morning (19/05/201 8) because I love to race with real champions, even if they are stronger than me, which is often the case; indeed, I try to race 5 times with you, and 4 times you managed to withdraw at the last moment !!!! Is because I won Friday night the only race we did together for fear of losing ???? That would be stupid of you, or to give me another chance to win, which would be nice but just as stupid. Anyway, I always enjoy facing great champions like you; it makes me progress. Good wind to you

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Изменено: ELIOTLUCAS-5 - 20.05.2018 09:02:45
Race name:Race5168
Start time:2018-05-20 06:06
4Buse Tunç33.1DNF01TUR0
les éboueurs italiens seraient ils en grève? Il y a une MERDA qui traine.
would Italian dust collectors be on strike? There is a dragging MERDA.
Изменено: ELIOTLUCAS-5 - 20.05.2018 09:24:09
I'm so sorry
always try to play with 680 opponents
if you see my results this week i had two races with 7 opponents
and trying to play a race with 2 (or 8 boats) to complete the number of 680 (with 86 races)

race 4410

I do almost every week

if you remember i was going out when third boat going in
or when we were only 4-5 boats

sorry again
Изменено: GRE_9 - 20.05.2018 09:34:07
OK. Amende honorable, cette possibilité m'avait échappé . Bon vent.

OK. Fine honorable, this possibility had escaped me. Good luck.
Nom de la course:Race5281
Heure de début:2018-05-20 10:29

4Volvo Ocean racer287,505BEL1
je savais qu'un jour un joueur par stupidité de faire un hors cadre monumental pour mettre une pénalité finirait par mettre le spi pour rejoindre la bouée de près. Cet exploit vient d'être réalisé par ..........Volvo Ocean racer.!!!!!!! Standing ovation pour lui!

I knew that one day a player by stupidity to make a monumental executive to put a penalty would eventually put the spinnaker to join the buoy closely. This feat has just been realized by .......... Volvo Ocean racer. !!!!!!! Standing ovation for him!
we finally played the 4-5 races from yesterday
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