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Happy New Year!
Good wind
Happy New Year to all! Well, to many of you. OK, OK, Happy New Year to some of you. Wait. Happy New Year to a few of you. No, HNY to a couple of handfuls of you. Rest of you can just go sit on a cactus.
Happy New Year 2019 ...
Windwillow wrote:
Rest of you can just go sit on a cactus.
:D :D :D
Peyote might be nice thou :)
How does a European know about Peyote? I thought it only grew in the American Southwest and it is very rare, even there.
I would like some of that cactus too, I'm getting to old for chemicals. All best to You.
Windwillow wrote:
How does a European know about Peyote?
c'est parce que Dragon n'est pas que européen, il est aussi universel et rien de la vie de notre planète ne lui est inconnu y compris les dossiers des tricheurs de ce jeu!

it is because Dragon is not only European, it is also universal and nothing of the life of our planet is unknown to him including the files of the cheats of this game! :D :D :D
Oh! Jerry I've spent my best five years in the states and I had many Latin friends indeed. Now I live in India. About thirty years plants and herbals were on my searching, learning and testing subjects, first as a hobby, later on became like something serious.Just imagine how much I might know about them ;)
And Lord, try san pedro. You can find easily around where you live. Only star shaped ones works ;) and you have no idea how usefull herbals there are in your garden already :)
Hi Dragon, I think san pedro is the one I have, I have to check is it a star shaped, my old lady is a herb-fanatic an she is the one responsible for all the witchcraft that is going on and millions of herbs all around the house(and in the house) I do also a little but my interest stays with only one kind of know which kind. The problem with san pedro is that I dont know how to consume, I we been reading on internet but I didn't understand it, shall I eat it raw, or dry it, how much... I'm litlle paranoid, you understand, dont want to go to far and not to come back...there are some kinds of local herbs that people have been gone for few days and I dont have no time for that cause I have to play regatta...
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