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e-regata. Racing Club

We offer e-regata partners to engage in club racing only for their audience.


All you need is:

1. Separate laptop with Windows OS  for a race committee. This computer will be used to start the races.

2. Laptops, smartphones, tablets for all participants.

3. Separate e-regata account for the race committee. For example: By default the ability to start the races is off, so you should appeal to the for permission to start the race.

4. Our requirement is to publish links to on your website, your social networks and forums.

+ One-time donations of  $ 85 - 145 are welcome.


How to run the race. Race Launcher

1. Connect to the game with the computer of the race committee. Press Ctrl-R to start the Race Launcher program.

2. Sign in with the account of the race committee in Race Launcher for which the permission to run races has received.

3. Invite participants. Everybody starts the game and logs in under its account. On this step the participants should not begin to play, but to wait in the lobby for the start of a race.

4. Select participants of the next race in Race Launcher and press START button. All selected participants will receive an invitation; they have to take it as quickly as possible.

5. The race started. Now regular players will not be able to join it.

6. When the race is finished its results are stored on the server. It is available to view results and  to load tracks. To do this you need to go to link  Your races at the bottom of Race Launcher programm.

7. Go to step 4 :)


E-regata recommends to use adopted in yachting scoring for racing club.

Series of races are held with the same composition of the participants. In each race for the first place is assigned 1 point, for the second pace - 2 points and so on.

A winner of the series is calculated by the sum of points.

Additional Features

1. Right panel in Race Launcher allows you to adjust distance, wind parameters, parameters of the boat.

2. Pressing X in the game turns on an automatic preview mode of the races (broadcast).

Race Launcher